Saturday, July 2, 2022

Forebodings and Fancies: Dungeon Feelings for Dungeon Crawls

No, this isn't a post about introducing dating rules to your game. Let's talk about the most important feelings: the ones in your gut. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Small Gods and Stone Soup: Deities made for Dungeon Crawling

Players see god in one of two ways: Vague source of magic, or high-level XP piñata. I propose a third: gameplay feature. Profane, no?  

Monday, February 21, 2022

The 18-Slot Inventory

Tired of untidy inventories? Coins weighing you down? Annoyed at your players casually bringing ladders to the dungeon? This post might be just what you need.
The inventory lies at the heart of "old school" play, and especially games that like to focus on the minutae of dungeon crawling and problem solving. "What do you have?" and "what can you bring?" are some of the most basic building blocks of interesting decisions in that space.

For the type of game I run, I think that the party's pockets deserve to actually be fun and interactive, and add to play rather than impede it. With that goal in mind, come see if you agree with my solution.  

Friday, January 7, 2022

Replay's Value: A Case for Replaying Adventures

Take a calm, pleasant moment to think about your most cherished piece of media: The magical movie, bewitching book, scary song, terrifying theater performance or vaguely spooky video game that has touched your soul in a way that nothing else really has. I bet that, like all people enamored by non-transient forms of entertainment, you've enjoyed that piece of media more than once. 

There's nothing unusual about wanting to revisit familiar favorites; it's fun to relive the adventure, to meet the characters again, to notice things you haven't before while looking forward to the parts you loved most. In a world already filled with more media than you could possibly enjoy in your humble human lifetime, and with a ceaseless discharge of ever more content barraging us from every possible outlet, it can be comforting - even therapeutic - to return to an old darling. 

So, how come we don't feel the same way about TTRPG adventures? 

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

RELEASE: The Delver's Expedition Handbook

In a stunning and uncharacteristic display of Project Finishing, I have released a book(let)! 

 It is a humble sub-40 page volume that discusses, at length, Expeditions; adventures for mid-level parties that entail long-term planning and preparation, hiring a large amount of experts and henchmen to bring along with you to an extremely remote location, and setting up a small base of operations in hostile lands as you try to dungeon crawl your way into great massive rewards. 

It's out now and it's free, so go check it out!